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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should use Radiologists Only to Find Your Next Position:

  1. Specialization: Physician Recruitment Limited to Radiology Only and its Subspecialties. Industry Knowledge, Proven Track Record and Expertise.
  2. Jobs: Identify and Evaluate Opportunities that you may not be aware of and are not publicly advertised.
  3. Tools: Prepare a Winning CV that will get you noticed
  4. Tips: Get Guidance and Expert Advice with Interviewing and Contract Negotiations.
  5. Salary Advice: Compare your Physician Salary and Compensation Package with others in Your Specialty, Region and Nationwide.
  6. Consultation: Learn the Factors that allow one to compare One Practice with another.
  7. Guidance: Identify the factors with a Practice that are problematic and potentially prohibitive and/or harmful in the Long Term. Learn which Opportunities are lemons that you need to avoid.
  8. Save You Time: Consider Only those Opportunities within your Practice Parameters.
  9. Research: Learn critical facts and data about Facilities and Organizations that are Hiring. Work with Quality Healthcare Providers and Top Radiology Groups.
  10. Information: Job Search, Interview and Negotiate with Knowledge,
    Confidence and Power to get what you desire. Prevent Costly
    Mistakes that can ruin your career.

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